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“My task in every event is to provide the audience with the information I wish I had. 

I know my journey would’ve been a lot easier had I found someone like myself that knew what it was like to have a desire, have a goal, have a dream, understands my struggles, and can show me the way towards those paths.”


My approach is direct and on-point. I do not sugarcoat.

I will tell the reality of growing an Early Childhood business as it is. I will not make it appear as if it’s easy.

It’s never easy. It requires work. But the rewards are better than your wildest dreams. That’s why you have to persevere.

I’ve been in EVERY stage of a childcare business owner’s journey towards success.

I’ve started from the very bottom -- babysitting, then family groups, until I could open my own home daycares, eventually a center, nanny agency, and now a thriving Early Childhood coaching and consulting business. 

I struggled. My family and I slept on the floor just to keep our business. We also swam through excessive debt and bad credit, sold my center and lost $80k in the process, struggled with my personal demons, insecurities, abuse, and discrimination in the industry -- I still do. But I also continue to overcome them all.

And I am not shy to tell my story; no holds - barred because I know someone out there needed it. Whether as a motivation or a final push, so they can get out of the rut that they are currently in.

God uses me as an instrument to reach those people.

Below are some of my most requested topics:

  • Systems in Every Childcare Level.
  • The Three Stages of A Childcare Business Owner’s Journey Towards Success
  • Systems for Expansion
  • ​Starting and Growing Your ECE Coaching and Consulting Business
  • ​Write Your Book in 90 Days
  • ​How to Sell Physical Products in ECE
  • ​Everything I Learned While Growing an Info product Business
  • ​Building and Growing a Team
  • ​High-Level Time Management
  • ​Profitability Lessons: How I Manage My Business Income to Make Sure I Get ROI in my investments.
  • ​The Secrets to Selling Live Events
  • Keynote (virtual and in-person)
  • Half-Day, Whole Day, and Multiple Days Workshops (virtual and in-person)
  • Ongoing Training
  • Customized Set-up

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