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Want to know practical, effective, and on-demand strategies to build a guaranteed BIGGER and BETTER childcare center?


Inside this book, you will learn:

About the “Low Eye Alert” syndrome that many childcare business owners are unaware that’s happening to them, which causes them to miss seeing profitable opportunities to grow their childcare business deliberately. Inside, I also discuss the perfect solution to avoid this syndrome FOR LIFE.

The difference between entrepreneur and small business owner and how you should see yourself. This thought strategy allows you to make the best growth decisions for your business EVERY TIME.

The big “I” that you should implement in your programs. This will undoubtedly influence how your students, parents, and the whole community perceives you and your business.

Many childcare business owners don’t do this, but you SHOULD! Always block a day in your week to do this particular task. Doing so will allow you to stay consistent and winning!

And so much more! 

Learn about the strategies that made me and hundreds of my readers increase our enrollment and profitability, GUARANTEED!

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Diaries of a Childcare Boss

The behind-the-scenes truth of working with envious parents, racist state inspectors, behavior-challenged children, backstabbing staff, and other ugly situations that is the reality of a childcare business. I share everything with you; no holds barred!

Jumpstart My Childcare

Start building your daycare empire using powerful business and life tips from renowned childcare and business experts.


Write about specific thoughts, ideas, lists, intercessory prayers which you can follow from start to finish. The Jumpstart your Prayer Journey will not only empower you to spend time talking to God, but you will see the victory in the areas of your life that matters most! 

How I Did It, Daycare Success

From family provider to the multi-center owner, read my story as I tell you detail for detail how I started my business with little to no money.

This book also discusses:
  • 24 Must-have traits and mindset of a childcare business owner
  • 3 How-To steps to choosing a location
  • 16 Steps new hire formula for staff organization
  • ​9 Process that every childcare business owner must put on automation
  • ​and so much more!


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